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Welcome to Michael Angelo's Pizza, founded by 4 time World & 3 Time US Pizza Champion Michael Shepherd.

Michael Angelo's Pizza is located in downtown Kenton and has served the area since 1997. We are a completely indepenedent pizzeria, locally owned and operated.

We feel that  pizza making is an art and we strive to create the best pizza we possibly can. We start by making our dough using a 48 hours cold rise method to unlock the hidden flavors inside the flours. We use only 100% Whole Milk Mozzarella from Wisconsin made with no fillers, no preservatives and no cellulose. Our sauce is made from Fresh Packed tomatoes, never dehydrated tomato paste.  We hand spin our pizzas, no sheeter, no press - just the old fashioned way. Lastly we bake our pizzas in an old fashioned soapstone deck oven , not in a conveyor. Yes, your pizza may have  alittle char on it or a little burnt spot here or there, but that is the way pizza is supoosed to be .

We invite you to stop by and enjoy one of our award winning pizzas in our dining room or patio, enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed...outside of a box! We also offer carryout and limited delivery.